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Kayla Garcia

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Welcome to my school website and welcome to 6th-grade math! Please use the links below to navigate my page. You can learn more about me, watch a “Welcome Video”, view my syllabus, and more. 


My Schedule –

Monday – 1st Period (7:55-8:50 AM), 2nd Period (8:55-10:10 AM), Conference (10:15-11:20 AM), Lunch (11;25-11:55 AM), 4th Period (11:55-1:05 PM), 5th Period (1:10-2:15 PM), 6th Period (2:20-3:25 PM)

Tuesday/Thursday – 2nd Period (7:55-9:35 AM), 4th Period (9:40-11:20 AM), Lunch (11:25-11:55 AM), 6th Period (12:00-1:40 PM), Advisory (1:45-3:25 PM)

Wednesday/Friday – 1st Period (7:55-9:35 AM), Conference (9:40-11:20 AM), Lunch (11:25-11:55 AM), 5th Period (12:00-1:40 PM), Advisory (1:45-3:25 PM)

Virtual Students – 

I am available for all virtual students on Google Meet from 9:45-10:30 AM on Wednesday. 

I am also available via email throughout the week. If you need additional support, please reach out to me. 

For more information about my educational and professional experience, please view my profile. smiley

Kayla Garcia

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