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Nathan Collier


My name is Nathan Collier and this will be my fifth year in Education and my second year here at Hempstead ISD. If you have any questions about my schedule, conference period, or syllabus please feel free to email me at Thank you and have a great day! 


Course Syllabus


Hempstead Middle School PE Syllabus

The Hempstead Middle School Physical Education Department is based on the premise that physical
activity and participation are important for all students, regardless of their level of athletic skill or ability.
Throughout various activities, students in our program will learn how to incorporate physical activity
into their daily lives. In addition, we hope to instill enjoyment of physical activity, as well as an
understanding of the importance of maintaining physical fitness and creating a safe and encouraging
environment to develop social skills.

Student Expectations:
1. Respect the rights and property of others
2. Follow directions
3. Be prepared for class – dressed out
4. No cell phones, headphones, make-up, food, drink (except water), or gum in the activity area
5. Keep your locker and locker room clean
6. Keep up with your lock and combination (Do not share your locker combination with ANYONE!)

Evaluation Process - The following will be used to determine your grade:
A. Participation Points – each day of PE is worth 20 points. In order to receive all 20 points you must:
v Dress out completely in the proper PE uniform (PE shirt, LONG shorts, and closed-toed
tennis shoes) (10 points)
v Participate in the class activities the entire class period (10 points)
B. Absences/Make-up – If you have an EXCUSED absence, see your PE teacher for a make-up
assignment. If you do not turn in make-up work, you will lose points for ANY absence.
D. Grading Scale:
v 90 – 100% = A 80 – 89% = B 70 – 79% = C 60 – 69% = D 0 – 59% = F

PE Uniforms:
v All students must wear a T-shirt, LONG shorts or athletics pants and closed-toed tennis
v During cold weather, if we are in an activity that is outdoors, you can bring a sweatshirt or
sweatpants to wear OVER your PE clothes. You must still wear your PE clothes to receive your full
participation points.
v If you forget your PE clothes or just don’t feel like dressing out, you will still be required to
participate in the class, however, you will lose points and you will get sweaty and possibly smelly in your
school clothes. If you refuse to participate and follow the teacher’s directions, you will be written up on
a referral for insubordination.

Non-dress/Tardy consequences: The PE department uses the same policy and consequences that are
established for tardies:
1st non-dress, with participation – warning
1st non-dress, without participation – phone call home
2nd non-dress, with participation – warning
2nd non-dress, without participation – phone call home
3rd non-dress, with participation – phone call home
3 rd non-dress, without participation – referral/detention

1. Your kid will need to provide his own lock for his locker.
2. Do NOT share lockers; you are responsible for your own locker and your own uniform. If you leave
your items in someone else’s locker and they are absent, you will lose your points for the day if you do
not dress out.
3. Be sure to keep your locker locked at all times. The locker room is not always locked or supervised
and anything left open or sitting on the benches is not safe. Please lock your lockers during class and
after class and double check that your lock is locked. The PE teachers are not responsible for your
belongings – LOCK THEM UP!

Illness/Injury Policy:
If you are well enough to come to school, but feeling too ill to participate in PE class, or have an injury
that prevents you from participating, you must do the following to receive credit:
v Bring a note signed by a parent with a contact phone number; if you are sitting out of PE for an
extended period of time you will need a doctor’s note (a parent note saying you can’t participate in PE
will not be sufficient)
v Participate in the stretches and any other part of the exercises you feel you can complete safely

If you have an injury that prevents you from participating longer than three days, a doctor’s note will
be required.

2. Students will be required to workout in street/school clothes if they don’t dress out. Refusing to
participate will require notification of parent(s) via phone or email and on 3rd offense will receive a
referral to Administration.
Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical
physical exercise save it and preserve it. ~Plato

Boys Physical Education, You Will Need:

1. P.E. Uniform: T-Shirt that you don’t mind getting dirty and sweaty. You will also need to have a
pair of athletic shorts to work out in as well.
2. Tennis Shoes: the student will be running every day; they will need a pair of closed-toed tennis
shoes to prevent injury and to allow them to participate every day. Socks will need to be worn everyday
as well.

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Parent/Guardian’s Name (PRINTED)

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