New Books
Check out these new titles:

New for April 2017:

Bone Jack                                    By  Sara Crowe
Wing & Claw Cavern Of Secrets     
By Linda Sue Park
The Warden's Daughter                 
By Jerry Spinelli
Life in Motion An Unlikely Ballerina 
By Misty Copeland
Secrets & Sequences                     By Gene Luen Yang & Mike Holmes

New for May 2017:

One Trick Pony                                                         By Nathan Hale
Legends Best Players, Games & Teams in Basketball     By Howard Bryant
Miss Elliott's School for the Magically Minded 
               By Sage Blackwood
Train I Ride                                                              By Paul Mosier
Jasper and the Riddle of Riley's Mine                           By Caroline Starr Rose

New for September 2017:

A Single Stone                                           By  Meg McKinlay
Star Thief                                                  By  Lindsey Becker
Armstrong and Charlie                                By  Steven B. Frank
The Last Spell                                            By  J.A. White
Quicksand Pond                                         By  Janet Taylor Lisle
A Face Like Glass                                        By  Frances Hardinge
Finding Mighty                                           By  Sheela Chari
It all Comes Down to This                           By  Karen English
Ten:  A Soccer Story                                   By  Shamini Flint
The Playbook                                             By  Kwame Alexander
Strong Inside                                             By  Andrew Maraniss
The Palace of Memory                                 By  Julian Sedwick
The Sand Warrior                                       By  Mark Siegel
Yvain the Knight of the Lion                         By  M.T. Anderson
Pigs Might Fly                                            By  Nick Abadzis

New For October 2017:

The Football Fanbook                               By  Gary Gramling
Mighty Jack & the Goblin King                   By  Ben Hatke
The World's Greatest Detective                 By  Caroline Carlson
Edgeland                                                By Jake Halpern
Stars Beneath Our Feet                            By David Barclay Moore
The Shadow Cipher                                  By  Laura Ruby

New for November 2017:

Saving Marty                       By Paul Griffin
Serena Williams                   By Stephanie Peters
Castle in the Stars                By Alex Rice
The Dire King                      By William Ritter
Battlesong                           By Lian Tanner
Dragon's Green                    By Scarlett Thomas
The Empty Grave                 By Jonathan Stroud

New for December 2017

Garbage Night                     By Jen Lee
The Super Bowl                   By Matt Doeden
Patina                                 By Jason Reynolds
The Assassin's Curse            By Kevin Sands
Raid of No Return                By Nathan Hale
Akata Warrior                      By Nnedi Okorafor
Halfway Normal                   By Barbara Dee

New for January 2018

Touchdown Kid                      By  Tim Green
Polaris                                   By Michael Northrop
Doughnut Kingdom                 By D. G. Gigi 
Have Sword Will Travel           By  Garth Nix & Sean Williams
My Brigadista Year                 By  Katherine Paterson

New for February 2018

Dragon Song                                  By Wendy Orr
Lone Stars                                      By Mike Lupica
Greetings From Witness Protection    By Jake Burt
Race to the Bottom of the Sea          By Lindsey Eagar
Cast No Shadow                              By Nick Tapalansky and Anissa Espinosa 

New for March 2018

Ivy Aberdeens Letter to the World     By Ashley Herring Blake
Ice Wolves                                      By Amie Kaufman
The Gnawer of Rocks                       By Louise Flaherty
Wheel of Life and Death                   By Julian Sedgwick
Checked                                         By Cynthia Kadohata

New for April 2018

Rising Above Inspiring Women in Sports     By Gregory Zuckerman
The Stone Girl's Story                               By Sarah Beth Durst
The Parker Inheritance                             By Varian Johnson
Cucumber Quest The Ripple Kingdom         By Gigi D.G.
Legends of the Lost Causes                       By Brad McLelland & Louis Sylvester